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Rantings about Government part 2

Posted on 2009 12, 03 by Matt

I am still completely and utterly agitated at the wall street and banking bailout. Do you not know that the our founding fathers revolted because of such acts from the government? That Jefferson wrote that God instituted human government and that it derives its “…just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Rantings about government

Posted on 2009 12, 02 by Matt

Why will no one say it? Obama is Bush in foreign policy! In fact Obama seems to take it as a challenge to “out-Bush Bush.” Obama now has increased the troops by 50,000 (including the troops he already added)!! Where is the president of peace everyone voted for? Why are democrats compliant and republicans outraged? When two years ago the roles were reversed. Wake up people, American is still a two party system but the parties are no longer democrat/republican, but rather globalist and non-globalist. If you are a republican or a democrat YOU ARE A GLOBALIST!

Discussions on Government and Libertarianism

Posted on 2009 08, 10 by Matt

While attending graduate school i was fortunate to have three of the most brilliant roomates one could imagine. Each are masters it their own fields, Andrew, Philosophy (metaphysics- free will) Brian, Literature (writing), Tim, Law. As for myself, I contributed with Theology. While many discussions and friendly (and not so friendly) arguments arose between us, the one main issue that separated me from them was their view concerning government. At that time I was clinging to the traditional Christian/republican view but their influence lead me down a completely different path. Here is the recent and continual correspondance with Andrew on the subject.

What it means to be an American part 1: Guns!

Posted on 2009 04, 15 by Matt

For sometime I felt the 2nd amendment was silly and antiquated. I always thought, “sure, citizens needed protection then, but now the government can take care of us.” If you think the government will take care of you, then you do not understand what it means to be an American.


Posted on 2009 02, 20 by Matt

The decision between choosing to vote for a Democrat or a Republican is similar to the question of preference between choosing the horse drawn carriage or a car as a means of transportation. Im not, though, intending that one system of thought is vastly superior to the other, but merely positing the idea that it is a ridiculous decision to make. Its obvious why the car/horse is ridiculous, cars are a much more efficient means of transportation. The reason why the democrat and republican decision is ridiculous is because the debate between the two school of thought is really is not what is at issue.

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