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Pornography is a sexual snuff film!

Posted on 2009 02, 05 by Matt

I watched Clint Eastwood’s epic WWII movie the other day. When i watched the movie i knew that the people who were shown being shot and and dismembered into pieces were not actually dying. When i watch Ocean’s 11 i know that money is not really being expertly (and with much entertainment) being stolen. Further, when lies are told in this movie i know that they are not really lies with malicious intent but merely apart of a script

But with pornography no similar conclusion can be made. It is not a simulation or a facade, but two people exposing themselves with intent to cause you to have similar inhibitions. What if you watched a war movie that encouraged you, the viewer to kill people? To steal? To deceive people? These would border on the realm of illegality or propaganda. Further, if a person is actually killed it is a snuff film.