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Refuting the “book of Abraham”

Posted on 2009 02, 25 by Matt

I’ve developed a thorough response and refutation of the Book of Abraham which is a section in the Mormon Scripture “Pearl of Great Price.” There is a wealth of information on this subject and in order present it in a blog worth space I have presented it in bullet format. To read about this subject in full, I suggest reading, “By his own papyrus” by Charles M. Larson. This is the primary resource for this blog.

-Joseph Smith the Founder of the Mormon Church claimed to have the gift of “seer.” Mosiah 8:13 (from the Book of Mormon) defines a seer as “a man that can translate all records that are of ancient date.” Smith apparently utilized this gift to translate the book of Mormon from golden plates.

truth (poem)

Posted on 2009 02, 25 by Matt

And let the truth be rung on high in doorsteps without pause
for time is coming when truth will not correspond with laws.