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The Risen LORD

Posted on 2009 04, 15 by Matt

Since we recently celebrated the resurrection of Christ, it is fitting to write a few things about it.

People often ask me about the origins of Easter, why a rabbit is a symbol. Much like Christmas, Constantine in the 4th century changed the celebration days of the birth and resurrection of Christ to correspond with pagan holidays.

What it means to be an American part 1: Guns!

Posted on 2009 04, 15 by Matt

For sometime I felt the 2nd amendment was silly and antiquated. I always thought, “sure, citizens needed protection then, but now the government can take care of us.” If you think the government will take care of you, then you do not understand what it means to be an American.

Game Review: Fable 2

Posted on 2009 04, 15 by Matt

Its hard to imagine thousands and thousands of dollars and years of labor by many individuals collaborated to create this game. For those of you familiar with the first game, all of the flaws present in that one are in this one. Little creativity with weapons and missions and the entire game is far too brief.