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Posted on 2009 11, 25 by Matt

Do you think you are a thankful person? How thankful are you when you give thanks and pray over a meal? Trying giving thanks for  meal after fasting for 3 days and you will come to realize that your thanks will be much different. How many Christians out there have not only never fasted, do not know to fast, or have never partaken in an extended fast? I would be shocked if more then 1% of all believers (in North America) could satisfy all three of these criteria. Most Christians know what fasting is, but do not understand its function, purpose, or power. Then there are the people who know about fasting and its importance yet do not recall the one rule Jesus had about fasting, people do not know you are fasting. How do I know people are breaking this rule? Because they tell me they are fasting. Then there is the rare group of people that know how to fast, partake in it, but only do small 12 hr or 24 hr fasts. Don’t get me wrong, when you have never fasted before 24 hours is quite daunting, but if one has become comfortable and accustomed with such a fast she should challenge herself to something longer and more difficult. If you want to know more about fasting, go to my audio page and listen to my sermon on it. If you truly want to be thankful during this holiday season, spend some time fasting!