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“Scientists create life. We are God” part 2

Posted on 2010 05, 26 by Matt

On to the content of the news story I mentioned in my last web entry. Is this indeed an act of creating life or even a precursor for artificial intelligence? The answer to both of these questions is no. First of all, AI has already been demonstrated to be untenable, John Searle demonstrates this with his famous thought experiment on the subject:

“Scientists create life. We are God”

Posted on 2010 05, 21 by Matt

On an atheist forum, this article was posted with the title, “Scientists create life. We are God.” Before examining the content of this article, let us consider some current trends in atheism (as evidenced by this title) as well as problems with this title.

One of the current trends in atheism is to either take anything that is somewhat of a breakthrough in a field of science and claim “this is an amazing breakthrough, therefore God does not exist.” Or use obscure religious beliefs or fringe cult members as evidence that God does not exist or the religious are merely mentally deficient. The first trend is really done without realizing it (or at least it seems most atheists don’t realize it) and therefore I am forced to go to these various atheist forums and make comments like “atheism?” or “why is this subject being discussed under the guise of atheism?”