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Spiritual Growth from C.S Lewis’ fictional works

Posted on 2012 08, 08 by Matt


Explore some of the rich spiritual themes of C.S Lewis throughout his various fictional works.

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playing with textures

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A theodicy (Answering some questions about God and evil)

Posted on 2012 08, 07 by Matt

Incumbent to the duty of the apologist is to be prepared to not only defend the essentials of the faith (the existence of God or the resurrection) but also issues that tend to have a strong grasp on the emotions of people—the seemingly incompatibility of evil and the existence of God is one of these issues. In this paper I will address five questions and that can hinder the intellectual capacity of people to discern aspects of God (be it His goodness or even His existence) and formulate a theodicy. The questions are, 1. Why is there any evil at all? 2. Why are there the types and kinds of evils that there are? 3. Why is there the amount of evil that there is? 4. Why is there the particular evils that there are? 5. Why does God allow moral evils, and, natural evils, as He does?

My First Published work!

Posted on 2012 08, 06 by Matt

It can be purchased on, the kindle version is also available! Hijacking the Historical Jesus