Pornography is a sexual snuff film!

Posted on February 5, 2009 by Matt

I watched Clint Eastwood’s epic WWII movie the other day. When i watched the movie i knew that the people who were shown being shot and and dismembered into pieces were not actually dying. When i watch Ocean’s 11 i know that money is not really being expertly (and with much entertainment) being stolen. Further, when lies are told in this movie i know that they are not really lies with malicious intent but merely apart of a script

But with pornography no similar conclusion can be made. It is not a simulation or a facade, but two people exposing themselves with intent to cause you to have similar inhibitions. What if you watched a war movie that encouraged you, the viewer to kill people? To steal? To deceive people? These would border on the realm of illegality or propaganda. Further, if a person is actually killed it is a snuff film.

Pornography is real sexual acts filmed for the purposes of making people feel similar deviant feelings and make money off of those feelings. At this point i must make a few things aparent. Christians are often accused of being both anti-sex and advocates that people should be ashamed of their bodies. Both of these are completely false.

Read the Old Testament book of Song of Solomon. If you could read this and beleive that Christians (or God for that fact) is anti-sex I would be very surprised. I recall recently when San Fransisco began to make preparations to make prositution legal one of the adovocates claim “San Fransisco is pro-sex.” And there was a rash of anti-Christian rhetoric saying that Christians were merely prudes ashamed of their bodies. So Frisco is pro sex? How do they feel about unwanted sexual advances, unwanted sex (rape) sex with minors, sex with animals? Obviously many would claim i have gone too far in my defintion of “pro-sex” but this is the very point i am hoping to make. The definition of “pro-sex” is contingent upon the context. Christian’s are pro-sex when it comes to the context, namely between a man and a woman in marriage.

Further, because Christians seem to have a small or limited context of sex does this entail that they have small and limited view of sex? If you have ever seen or read any of the “Dune” books you know the book takes place on a desert planet where water is scarce. At one point in the story visitors come from a world with substantial amounts of rain and water and begin to have negotions with the nomadic desert tribe. In the midst of the conversation the nomadic tribe leader spit at the feet of the off-worlders. There was a moment of disgust and contempt from the visitors, just as the leader of the visitors was about to lash out for the act of disgrace one of the visitors (who knew something the others didnt spoke up), “thank you for your act of kindness we gladly accept your water.”

In a world where water is abundant it is dealt with frivolously. In the sand world, where every drop of water is previous, expelling life sustaining water for another person is the highest act of respect. So then, who has a higher view of water? The off worlders or the nomads? Obviously it is the people who consider it precious. Likewise, Christians hold a higher view of sex becuase they consider it so precious. (Note: Rolling Stone magazine published an article a few years ago called “revenge of the church lady” in which the article expounded on the results of a survey that stated when compared with all other demographics woman who were married and their only sexual parter was there husband and frequented church were the most sexually satisfied of any other group of women. Sex in the proper context is fulfilling!)

Pornography is destructive because it corrupts the preciousness of sex and attempts to involve others to partake in this corruption.

The problems and scope of pornography is ignored. Without being talked about in public it has become a bigger business then any fast food chain or sports franchise (it is more profitable then NFL, MLB, or the NBA.) This is an utter disgrace. God’s view of sex is high, but leniency on perversion is low. It is impossible to live a God pleasing life and for one to fulfill his purpose if he (or she) is partaking in such things.

I have a high view of sex and look forward to the day when/if I get married and say to that woman “you are the only one i have ever had sex with, this experience i have with you is precious. it is ours!” I am proud to be a virgin and proud to fight against the perversions of pornography!


  • Stan on February 15th, 2009

    Very well spoken and so true. The demons that we fight everyday are need to be fought against.
    All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good people to do nothing

  • Ed on February 20th, 2009

    Nice job man, well put, with great examples. Pornography can be very additictive, and your statements show exactly the outcome of this; profitability, and immorality. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Mitch on February 21st, 2009

    Very good Article! The analogy using “Dune” really connected with me. It is an absolute disgrace that pornography and sexual perversion have come as far as they have. Thank you for sharring your thoughts. God bless you brother!

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