Posted on February 20, 2009 by Matt

The decision between choosing to vote for a Democrat or a Republican is similar to the question of preference between choosing the horse drawn carriage or a car as a means of transportation. Im not, though, intending that one system of thought is vastly superior to the other, but merely positing the idea that it is a ridiculous decision to make. Its obvious why the car/horse is ridiculous, cars are a much more efficient means of transportation. The reason why the democrat and republican decision is ridiculous is because the debate between the two school of thought is really is not what is at issue.

Consider the previous and current presidents,  we are made to believe they are in all ways dissimilar. But this is not at all the case. Their foreign policy is identical (Obama’s choice of VP and the choice to bomb Pakistan three days after he was inaugurated is evidence of that), they both spend vast amounts of money (they only differ on what they choose to spend the money on), they both have a clear disregard for the constitution and the Founding Fathers intent for a small government (The foreign policy of each is evidence of this. Obama has made no plans to stop any of the “big brother” type laws and regulations that Bush put in place), and several more similarities exist.

The democrats and republicans seem to be playing a game of chess, each take their turn but instead of trying to beat each other they move ultimately to the same end goal.  Bush accomplished what he could through the destroying of the economy (which actually began with Clinton deregulating the housing market, and then Bush inflating the currency to pay for the war in Iraq) removing the right to habeas corpus and infringing on the private lives of the citizens. And Obama will accomplish in areas that Bush was unable to; there is legislation of the books that will limit travel between state to state, he is/will limit the citizens right to defend himself, will continue to make people more and more dependent on the state, and will continue to destroy the dollar. What Bush started (though it can hardly say is really started with him) with fascism, Obama will finish with socialism (or at least get as far as he can.)

One other note of interest it seems all McCain would have had to do to get elected (or at least make it a tight race) was to oppose the bailout. Something like 39 out of 40 people opposed the bailout. Why would he not hit this untouched demographic? The answer is, the devaluing of the US dollar and hurting of the economy is more important to him then the presidency. If that is not evidence to this conglomeration between the democrats and Republicans, i don’t know what is.

So then, what is the conglomeration leading to? And what then is the choice we are meant to choose if not republican or democrat? The choice that is before us now is globalist or American. Globalism is a system where the few control the masses. Americanism, is a government by and for the people. This seems to be the end game of the democrats and republicans. While i might be labeled something of a conspiracy theorist, i will defend myself by saying, I am merely good at evaluating evidence…and this is where the evidence is leading.

If you want to know more about globalism listen to my lecture on my audio page.

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