Funny Reactions

Posted on February 23, 2009 by Matt

Im something of a character, and in my meanderings as a character ive had some interesting reactions to me and the things i do/say….here are a few.

1. Let’s say I am something of a late bloomer…(the only hair on my body was that on my head for a while.) Nonetheless, I was a little taller and heavy then people my age. For example, when I was in Kindergarten I was as tall as a third grader. When I was in Junior High I was likewise still big for my age, but still a late bloomer. Anyway, as I was playing Babe Ruth Baseball, my coach wanted me to play the position of catcher, but I didn’t have a cup. So he asked a kid he knew if I could borrow his cup, and this kid was in elementary school. I tried on the cup, but it didn’t fit. I told my coach and he shrugged and said under his breath, “too small.” I quickly corrected him, “no, its too big.” He stared me, this junior high kid that was as big as a high schooler, and unblinking didn’t say a word. It was only years later I realized I admitted that…well you know. I laugh about it now

2. When I was at college I sent my brother a birthday present. It was a dvd of one of our fav movies “Groundhog Day.” I was filling out the envelope in front of the woman at the post office and for the return address name I wrote “Bill Murray” who of course stared in the movie. The post office lady suddenly stood up straight and grabbed the dvd from me, stared at me looked back to the dvd and then looked at me again with furrowed eyes as if to say, “are you him.”

3. I was at the doctor’s office after tearing a ligament in my lower abdomen. The nurse needed to do an ultrasound on the injury and told me to “take off my pants and get on the table.” And I said, “whoa whoa, slow down, at least buy me dinner first.”

4. One time I ordered pizza and a cute sounding girl answered the phone. She asked me for my phone number, and told her “listen, I like you, but we are moving too fast, how bout I just give me you my email.” She laughed.

5. I was interviewing for a supervisor position at Costco and the interviewer asked me about ethics. I immediately jumped into the Aristotelian good, and how I had synthesized it with my Christian worldview. I didn’t use the word Eudemonism (at least I don’t think I did) but I was talking about how that was a good dichotomy between the Aristotelian good and my worldview…I didn’t get the job.

6. I got a bladder infection once, (in all honesty I think I got it from not taking enough bathroom breaks from doing hardcore gaming…I might have had a problem) anyway the dr I saw began saying, “Std’s are a common source of bladder infections…” I interrupted him and told him that ive never had sex. Here I was, mid 20’s earrings and bleached hair and he stared at me even more confused then the post office lady. After 30 secs of silence he muttered…”ok?”

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