Sailing on the fringe of a fantasy (poem)

Posted on March 13, 2009 by Matt

Sailing on the fringe of a fantasy,

Bouncing across the amber bombardment and gliding through the waves Of the vast ocean of grass.

Swooping low amidst the waterless sea, commanding each individual strand to part as I past.

Free, endless bound, eternal chains have long since been broken.

But now with the wind at my toes

And the sun at my face,


Breaking lose, interweaving the terrestrial skyscrapers, overwhelmed with their knowledge of ancient future, embodied with the true intentions to seek God.

Out of the maze to the barrier of self-doubt. To that, my sole advisory remains…defeated.

Falling with the whim and intuition of earth’s gentile breath.


Still for the taste of independence which lingers in my mind like the smell of life itself.

The warmth of comfort, the graceful breeze, my left and right hand. Off into destiny I hold onto the truth I tasted, and remain shackled to it.

Soaking into the carefree, enthralled with tranquility and dancing on the edge of the wind.

Tossing, and rolling with internal iniquities separated from the yellow horizon to the bleak ending, which I left.

Higher I fall, longing still to chasten my mind, to keep it from letting actuality take me back.

Escaping into the weary bliss of hope. I find my happiness for a moment, this I will lock in my heart and release when my feet get planted.


On the edge of a dream, that is where I am when I stare at nothing and see


Longing to be where I can no longer go.

Warmth wraps me like a blanket, wind dances through my hair and calls me back home.

Smiling, I stand with outstretched arms, as I feel my life and everything that Consumes it.


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