The death of Western civilization

Posted on March 25, 2009 by Matt

I was reading a blog the other day from a scientologist who foretold of the coming death of Christianity. While his premises and conclusions seemed contrived, the words nonetheless set about a series of meanderings. Christianity, true Christianity (a worldview in which one strives to be like Christ) has diminished in the west. Soon, the main religion in the United States will be something like neo-paganism. When this occurs and the stretch of the church has shallowed the base will be founded with those who embody the essence of Christianity—the true church will arise.

Christianity now is facile and mainstream. But as intolerance grows those who continue to plead “this is wrong,” or “Christ is the way, the truth, and the life,” will feel the grip of tribulation. When this occurs those who meddle with a finite Christ will cling to their normalcy and denounce any association with Christ, Christianity, or the Church.

The death of western society, of a world of religious tolerance and freedom has already occurred. The battle is over, Christianity did not win, neo-paganism won. Do I say this to Christ’s shame? Not in any way, “wide is the path that leads to destruction.” In this death, like the phoenix…like the Christ, those who are true believers will rise from the ashes and in the midst of fallen and finite world still proclaim Christ.

Even now, we are guilty of disunity. We look to government and man made things to fix our problems, but we must remember that this world is not ours…this is not our home. When the time is right, the church in the West will learn true dependence on God and others, but I fear that great is the cost it will take to achieve this.

There is a war coming. It is a war of “big brother” and social acceptance and feigned tolerance, and the first part of the battle has already been won because both the American church and Americans have done nothing to prevent it. Im not much of a conspiracy theorist of doomsayer, but the pawns have taken their first leap, to set up the coming reign of the anti-christ.


  • Ed on March 29th, 2009

    Thanks man, I enjoyed this, and agree with your observations. Like we have discussed before, most people cannot “separate from normalcy”. If they can’t continue in their everyday lives, it upsets their own personal apple-cart. Thanks to you, and the church, and our saviour, Jesus Christ, I am ready for the next step in spiritual living. He has a way of showing us that this place is temporary, and our true existence is not of this world. Your sunday night sermons have helped me to understand this, along with the Bible. Keep up the good works my brother

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