Game Review: Fable 2

Posted on April 15, 2009 by Matt

Its hard to imagine thousands and thousands of dollars and years of labor by many individuals collaborated to create this game. For those of you familiar with the first game, all of the flaws present in that one are in this one. Little creativity with weapons and missions and the entire game is far too brief. 

Money also in this game is completely useless. The only really cool thing that can be purchased in the game is a mansion. But once it is purchased you cant really do anything cool with it….you just sort of own it…yay! Further, once you start acquiring property and renting it out you continue to make money while you are not even playing the game. So if you want an obscene amount of money, play for a few hours and buy property. Then turn off the game and play something much better like “peggle” or “puzzle quest.” Then a few days later turn the game back on and you will have a gratuitous amount of money. What will you do with the money? Er…buy more property? Why? To buy more? Half way through the game I owned every piece of property in the game. Did this make the game better? Was I able to do anything cool with all this? NO and NO. When money is irrelevant it makes you very angry when you do a quest for someone that takes you an hour and the reward is 500 gold?! Every 5 mins I get 5,000 gold from all my property.

There is no motivating to live either. If you die you merely get “knocked out” and the only negative repercussion is getting a scar. If there is no repercussion of death, its difficult to care if you live or die. And that’s the main problem with the game, I never really cared. The immersion factor was just not there. I found myself playing the game with the sound off cause the contrived story was ruining my horrible gaming experience. That being said, the story did show signs of brilliance, but they were very scarce.

Bottom line: Entertaining, but only as much as spinning in circles, it feels fun at first but after a while you want to puke. 3 out of 10


  • Marc on April 15th, 2009

    Man, I hope it didn’t make you puke yesterday 🙂 You welcome for the donation of the game… now come and get into a real game like World of Warcraft where in game gold means something. Heck, even the Chinese export it out of the game and sell it back to lazy Americans! LOL!

    I really didn’t like the fact that money is so easily obtained by doing nothing other than owning property. If real life was only so easy…. heh.

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