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Posted on May 27, 2009 by Matt

“If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?” The chilling words of the antagonist from No Country for Old Men. What a scary and deranged character, but, how true are these words? We conceive of the achieved and set about the path of least resistance and then when defined by a horrid state of neutrality mock and look about and wonder, “why is my listless life not defined by love, or beauty, or truth?” These facets of life come with effort and struggle, rugged determination and a willingness to bleed. But where is the devout? Where is the passionate man of this age? He has emptied his life with frivolity and worshiped the shadow of love and beauty and truth and seem satisfied with that because of the praise he received from others. For even in worshiping the shadows, the praisers considered even this mundane act as ethereal and pristine because so few aim of even reach for such things now.

Was Orwell right and people are kept inline with the limiting of truth or was Huxley right and people are kept inline with an orgy of possibilities? It may be a false dilemma to ask such a question, but Huxley seems to have been correct. Man has become bombarded with supposed areas of concern and want, but in the end she has given up truth and beauty and love for comfort and happiness and obtainability (or even worse un-obtainability.)

You wretched and foolish man. You have no knowledge of love. Your ideas of beauty are not cold and destine but bright and alluring. Your truth is equally fallible, intent on tickling the ear rather then exhorting reality. And love, what do you know of such things? Do you not pervert and destroy and mar the idea and infinity of such things? Your concept is small and irritating—I don’t know to correct your concept or fall in exhaust knowing that such efforts are futile.

And yet the “rule” remains in tact. Finite lives lead by finite men, the important is wasted on emptiness. Complain not for your lives outcome, your rule paved the way here. Laugh, scoff, at the poor and brave, those who have denied happiness for truth, comfort for beauty. But even this is impossible now for such are extinct.
Be encouraged and empowered when you read this, but know your small life will resume as soon as your eyes return once again to your supposed crucial indemnities.


  • Amir on December 16th, 2015

    It’s a relief to find soonmee who can explain things so well

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