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Posted on December 2, 2009 by Matt

Why will no one say it? Obama is Bush in foreign policy! In fact Obama seems to take it as a challenge to “out-Bush Bush.” Obama now has increased the troops by 50,000 (including the troops he already added)!! Where is the president of peace everyone voted for? Why are democrats compliant and republicans outraged? When two years ago the roles were reversed. Wake up people, American is still a two party system but the parties are no longer democrat/republican, but rather globalist and non-globalist. If you are a republican or a democrat YOU ARE A GLOBALIST! If you don’t know what that is, or why it is bad you should consider changing your political affiliation. Further, listen to my lecture on refuting globalism on the audio page! How can I claim that that both democrats and republicans are both globalists? Because no matter who is elected the government still progresses towards globalism? Republicans have classically been concerned with small government (which is a good thing) but during the eight years of Bush our country has become “bigger” then at anytime in our nations history. Republicans (and Christians) wrote Bush a blank check and he cashed it at the expense of freedom (the patriot act, wiretapping) small government (the imperialism of US overseas) and a financially responsible (the bailout).

But then “change” came to America! By change, Obama meant, keeping the patriot act, allowing wiretapping, continuing the imperialism overseas, and maintaining reckless spending! WHERE IS THE CHANGE? If you condemn Bushes foreign policy you must condemn Obama. Having a “D” by his name does not suddenly mean you must support all of his decisions. I am tired of people blindly following Obama. It is getting absurd, you cannot suddenly think fighting this war is a good idea, because Obama said it and not Bush.

So 30,000 more troops are being sent to a war torn nation. Are you telling me that a couple hundred men living in caves represent a clear and present danger to the United States?! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME! Our nation has enough issues to worry about without devastating another country for no reason whatsoever other then to assert our imperial prowess.
Part two will be presented tomorrow.


  • Ed on December 2nd, 2009

    Agreed, and very well said Matt. One huge problem in this country is education, and by this I don’t mean “scholarly”, I mean paying attention to what’s going on here, and overseas’. We can no longer trust mass media to report truth, we must seek it out on our own, whether by reading, or on the internet. When and who was the last great American president? We may have to look long and hard at this one, and does it really matter whether they were “R” or “D”, with the same exact results and agenda? We are no longer being led by righteous leaders, with our(the American peoples) best interests in mind. I agree with you on the precipice of globalist/non-globalist affiliations, but maybe it’s time for a true American president; a Constitutionalist…looking forward to tomorrows post brother, and thanks

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