“Scientists create life. We are God”

Posted on May 21, 2010 by Matt

On an atheist forum, this article was posted with the title, “Scientists create life. We are God.” Before examining the content of this article, let us consider some current trends in atheism (as evidenced by this title) as well as problems with this title.

One of the current trends in atheism is to either take anything that is somewhat of a breakthrough in a field of science and claim “this is an amazing breakthrough, therefore God does not exist.” Or use obscure religious beliefs or fringe cult members as evidence that God does not exist or the religious are merely mentally deficient. The first trend is really done without realizing it (or at least it seems most atheists don’t realize it) and therefore I am forced to go to these various atheist forums and make comments like “atheism?” or “why is this subject being discussed under the guise of atheism?” Usually no one responds to me. As for this article my response was, “why is this subject being discussed under and atheism forum? At times it seems like atheists are like those religious people who claim to see miracles everywhere, “I found my car keys, it’s a miracle,” instead the atheist claims, ‘science did something really cool, therefore God does not exist!’” It is beyond the scope of this essay to argue this point further, but science and theism are in no way fundamentally contradictory.

As for the second trend, I always tell my students, “if you want to refute something, you must refute it at its best. If you had the choice to refute a ‘moral’ atheist who loves his wife, provides for his family, and gives to the poor, or refute an atheist who is a murdering rapist, we should choose to refute the better example of atheism.” When I first ask my students which of the two we should  refute, they usually miss the mark at first and assert the second man should be refuted. But I remind the student, Christianity can measure up to and overcome any other worldview at its best (not for any other reason then, the most superior being in all of existence would bestow the most superior worldview or lifestyle). Atheists like to point out pedophile priests or suicide bombers, but such claims are informal fallacies, stemming from (but not limited to) “red herring”, “poisoning the well”, and “straw man” and none address the fundamental evidence for theism. Atheists (and at times Christians too) think that if she were to sink another’s boat it would entail that her boat is floating. But this is not the case. Poking holes in the Christian worldview will in no way seal the holes of atheism (or vice versa). While lifestyle or actions should play somewhat of a role in determining the relative superiority of a worldview, the debate should come down to evidence. Who is more justified in believing what they believe.

It seems at best “strange” for an atheist to make the assertion “We are God.” and for the people that tout to hate religion they seem to make many religious claims. I hear atheists refer to their “conversion” to atheism. Despite other similar terminology atheists still vehemently maintain, “atheism is no religion.” Once I read an atheism argue, “atheism is as much a religion as not collecting stamps is a hobby.” Ok, but the very mention of such an argument leads me to believe that atheism is more then a lack of participation. Considering the example presented atheism is more like a man confronting a stamp collector and saying, “why do you collect stamps? That is a child’s hobby! Who even collects stamps, really?” As soon as someone is willing to fight for a belief (either verbal or physical) this begins to stretch into the realm of religion. Religion is essentially, whatever is most important to a person. It cannot be stated that having a belief in a or many supernatural beings is what necessitates a religion for many Buddhists are atheists. Buddha was an agnostic, he didn’t think the existence of God was a very important question. But who would claim devout monks who live in monasteries (and are atheists) are not religious? Further, many people do not know this, but the original humanist manifesto referred secular humanism as a religion and through reason and technology mankind would find salvation. This title again, backs the thesis that atheism is just another religion.

Since I spent so much space on these tangents, I will respond the article tomorrow.


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