Earthquakes or Man, which is the natural disaster?

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Matt

As an apologist, I am often confronted with questions of evil. In this short space I of course cannot come close to solving this issue, but I wish to provide something of hopefully a unique perspective.

In wake of recent earthquakes and tsunamis there is always a lingering, “how could God allow such evil?” This question definitely merits discussion but I wish to change the scope of the question slightly. People who have felt the grip of natural disaster of course know the sting of helplessness that comes with this, but putting aside the depth of such pangs, let us consider rather frequency.

A tragic natural event can be significant, but what kind of evil do people experience the most? Think of the times you have felt most harmed, betrayed, felt the grip of evil? What was the source of this? People are the source for most evil in the world. A quick personal survey of events in the life of my family and me suggest the greatest atrocities were not natural acts (though there were several) but rather people who willingly chose to act with ill intention. Attempt this thought experiment yourself, what has done you the most wrong? Natural events or People?

An interesting thought is, one could conclude that even natural events like the earthquakes and volcanoes could be attributed to people as well. Of course I am not referring to “God shall smite thee for thine indiscretions” talk, but rather when Adam sinned, sin corrupted the whole world. There was no death or natural disasters before the fall, but in a fallen world they became common. Thus, even an earthquake today could be considered the consequence the freedom of Adam.

Humanity is the source of most the evil we encounter. People always seem to blame God at his inability to cease evil, but if He heeded the words for those who beseech Him He would have to destroy people for they are the most frequent cause of evil, pain, and suffering.  I always considered it cursuous in the “LORD of the Rings” movies when the protagonists felt as if all they needed to do was to destroy a ring to destroy evil. When first considering this I thought, “so if the ring is destroyed it kills everyone in Middle-Earth. For, people’s actions are the source of evil.”

I mention these things for one purpose. When considering evil in this world, consider that you have added to the pain and suffering of others. Trust in Jesus Christ alone, conform to His imagine and pray for Him to return to put an end to sin and death.


  • Heiko on December 16th, 2015

    Oh Linda! Too funny, though I do feel your pain. I hope Mother Nature is in a jolly mood and hears your plea like today. Great pireucts, btw. ~Debbie

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