Curriculum Vitae (updated)

Curriculum Vitae


Name: Matthew J Coombe



Personal info:


Date of Birth: 18 June 1980

Place of Birth: Bremerton, Washington

Citizenship: United States

Sex: Male


Employment History:


Company: Island Lake Camp

Years employed: Summer 1998 – Summer 2006

Jobs/Job titles: Counselor in training, Counselor, High School Staff leader, Video Technician, Audio Video Supervisor, Ropes Course Supervisor, Activities Director, Summer Program Director.

Job Descriptions: I have had the privileged to rise through the ranks at this camp. My first summer at camp I was merely a counselor in training and by my last summer I was the summer program director and oversaw 170 staff members. As program director, I interviewed and hired potential staff, trained the activities director (how to lead a meals, program games, and keep the audience of 200 campers), handled disciplinary issues among the staff, lead staff meetings, acted as a liaison between camp and whomever we were dealing with, and maintained the overall functionality of camp.

Contact info: 12500 Camp CT NW, Poulsbo – (360) 697-1212


Company: Liberty University Grounds Crew

Years employed: 2000-2003

Jobs: Student Evening Horticulture lead

Job Description: My mentor and friend taught me the basics of horticulture and placed me in charge of the part time students. I continue to participate in horticulture today, though only as a hobby.

Skills acquired: Pushing lawn mower, walk behind lawn mower (preferably Toro Hydro 44), edger, slight cement work, pruning, weed whacking, cutting torch, welder, various tractors, chain saws, pole shears, shears, some flower maintenance, and snow plowing.

Contact info: 1971 University Blvd Lynchburg, VA 24502 (434) 582-2000


Company: Costco Wholesale

Years employed: On and off from 2003-present

Jobs: Front end assistant, cashier, produce assistant, major sales and appliances, and merchandiser.

Contact info: 10000 Mickelberry Rd NW Silverdale, WA 98383 (360) 308-2111

Ministry: Trinity Bible Fellowship

Years employed: 2006-Present

Job: Associate Pastor

Responsibilities: Discipleship and leading the Sunday evening services

Contact info: 12535 Clear Creek Rd NW Silverdale, WA 98383;


Ministry: Institute of Biblical Defense

Years employed: 2006-Present

Job: Vice President and Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology

Responsibilities: Personal training in Apologetics, writing blogs, recording lectures, and responding to emails concerning questions in apologetics.



Ministry: New Life Church

Volunteer work: Researcher, staff trainer, and group leader

Volunteer work: I have done some sermon research for the senior Pastor Wes Davis. I did some staff training as well as lead several small groups.


All companies may be contacted for reference purposes.


Volunteer work:


Affiliation: Teen Mentor Program

Volunteer work: To meet with a troubled elementary student once a week in the hopes have leaving a positive impact on him.


Affiliation: Liberty University

Volunteer work: During my four years at Liberty university I volunteered literally hundreds of hours outside of school work. I was involved with ministry every semester while attending school.


Various volunteer positions: Prayer Leader (met with and discipled 4-6 people throughout the semester.) Spiritual Life Director (met with and discipled the 10 prayer leaders on the hall.) I applied for and was accepted as a Resident Advisor (which was a grueling six month process) but decided to turn down the position (and the 12 thousand dollars in scholarships per year) so I could continue to work at camp. Finally, I was the leader of a traveling ministry team that traveled throughout the east coast. We traveled as far north as Ohio and as far south as South Carolina. My Job was to organize rallies, prepare my team for performing various skits and songs, communicate with the destination, drive to the destination, and take care of any and all loose details.



Special Skills: Basic computer skills, (Word, Excel, etc) video editing skills, (and other tech related skills) working knowledge of French, and Leadership and Administrative skills.





Olympic High School: High School Degree


Liberty University: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies


Biola University: Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics


Liberty University: PhD in Philosophical Theology (degree in progress)



Awards and Grants:


Department Award (High School)

The Chancellors Scholarship

Dean’s list

National Dean’s list



Research Interests:


Theology: Theology Proper, Soteriology, Hamartiology, Apologetics, Eschatology, Bibliology, Systematic Theology, and Christology


Metaphysics: Philosophy of Time, Dualism, and Free Will


Epistemology: Justification, belief, and modal logic


Ethics: Eudemonism, Natural Law, and Current Ethical Issues



Professional Qualifications:

Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology for the Institute of Biblical Defense





The Desolate Exaltation: A philosophical rumination of Life, God, and Reality

Publisher: IBD Press

Connection to work: Author


The Logos: An Introduction to a Christian Philosophy of Religion

Publisher: IBP Press

Connection to work: Co-Author

(this book is 80% complete)


God, Government, and the Road to Tyranny

Publisher: Xulon Press

Connection to work: Chapter contribution.


Hijacking the Historical Jesus: Answering Recent Attacks on the Jesus of the Bible.

Publisher: IBD Press

Connection to work: Chapter contribution



Professional Memberships:


International Society of Christian Apologetics

Evangelical Philosophical Society

Evangelical Theological Society

Society of Christian Philosophers

Philosophy of Time Society

National Honor Society

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