My name is Matthew J Coombe.

I am a seeker of peace, chasing the elusive mayfly known as “love.”

There is no rest for me in my pursuit; because of this I present my site; a continual cogitation of love, a rumination of truth, a manifestation of a defense of the Christian world view and life.

It is a methodological lure to allow individuals to pose questions and for me to provide a platform to respond to those questions.

On top of this, it a place of expression of ideas, art, comedy, and beauty. Enjoty



  • Michelle on January 19th, 2009

    Cool. I like your title. Can’t wait until you get this thing going.

  • ed on January 31st, 2009

    Dude, much better. Layout is sweet, colors are good too. I want to be a small part of this, however you allow me. Peace brother

  • Stan on February 15th, 2009

    You rock bro. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Laura Jean on November 16th, 2009

    May God keep you as a faithful servant always. i really enjoy this site. I hope to read it in more detail later. It was a blessing to meet you. Much love and God bless LJ

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