Weekly Christian Worldview Lectures:

A series of discussions with Dr. Fernandes and I

Refuting Globalism

The New Atheism

One Nation, Under Paganism

One Nation, Under Paganism pt. 2

Refuting Mormonism pt. 1

Refuting Mormonism pt. 2

Classical Thought- Modern Day

The Evolution Issue

C.S Lewis non-fictional

C.S Lewis fictional

Debate Debreif

The Atheist Delusion

A series on the Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines pt.1 intro

Spiritual Disciplines pt.2 Meditation

Spiritual Disciplines pt.3 Memorization

Spiritual Disciplines pt.4 Journaling

Spiritual Disciplines pt.5 Silence

Spiritual Disciplines pt.6 Solitude

Spiritual Disciplines 7- Steward of Truth

Spiritual Disciplines 8- Spiritual Gift-Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Discipline 9- Service

Spiritual Disciplines 10- Giving

Spiritual Disciplines 11- Prayer

Spiritual Disciplines 12- Fasting

Random Sermons

Faith Versus Evidence



Bible 1 Special Revelation

Bible 2 God’s Word

Bible 3 God’s Word 2

Bible 4 Internal Evidence

Bible 5 External Evidence

Bible 6 Application

Bible 7 Inspiration

Bible 8 Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Lies we Believe

1 Lies we Believe

2 “I can’t be forgiven”


  • Kates on February 2nd, 2009

    The whole site is lovely! I can’t wait for the writings to be put up! God bless you!

  • T on February 2nd, 2009

    M@ your site is bawlin! haha love ya!

  • ed on February 4th, 2009

    Site looks great man…I’ve put the word out on my MS page also

  • Mitch on February 21st, 2009

    M@, Your blible studies are truely amazing. For anyone reading this, check out the Spiritual Disciplines!

  • Obusha | The Meandering Dilettante on February 23rd, 2009

    […] Audio […]

  • T on March 13th, 2009

    I’m starting the Disapline study here at home since I always miss it. I just did the first one it was great!!!!

    -the ginger hahaha

  • Bruce on August 3rd, 2009


    I have a question about fasting. When I fast I noticted that my wife ask me a lot of questions. I do not want to tell her I am fasting so I will say that I am not hungry or that I feel al little under the weather but I feel akward doing so.

    What can I do to continue my fast and avoid my wife finding out and what should I do when it comes to dinner time with the family?



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